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Subscription Service
Our yearly contract is one of the most cost effective premium services available anywhere. This sought after resource entitles you to priority access in resolving your issues and is designed to act as a supplement for busy information systems administrators or as a complete outsourced service for companies lacking dedicated technical personnel. Highlights include unlimited access to professional troubleshooting, on site availability, and, quick response time. Available options include hardware, software and network support. In addition, we can provide for design, back up and planning services.

Server Service
Available only as a component of subscription service, this all inclusive premium support program is designed for the mission critical department that cannot afford to be without local area file or email services. Existing servers must be examined by our staff to be qualified or upgraded in order to be part of this support program.

Web Service
As a premium designer of web sites, Random Seven offers full service support for the site we have created for you. Some features include unlimited updates, maintenance, statistical reports and back ups. This service program is ideal for the business that does not want to invest in a site administrator. We do the work- you take care of the business. We can also examine your existing site to determine if it qualifies for this program.