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LANs and WANs
Random Seven cut its teeth on professionally installing Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks. Although we have deemphasized this space, we continue to provide this service for those customers who will not tolerate second rate equipment, weak designs and unprofessional workmanship.  We’ve earned one of the highest marks for continuous operation and uptime on our installed systems and build in key backups for critical equipment.

Hardware and Software
Typical hardware setup and standard software installation has now become relatively simple for most businesses. If these basic skills are not available or an uncompromisingly professional hand is needed, we are can be counted on to assist or complete the entire installation. In either case, our objective would be to competently train one administrator to take over full responsibility for this operation.

Random Seven’s entry point into Application, Email, File and Web Servers typically begins when these services become critical to daily operations. We ensure that these systems are professionally designed and have robust backups that can handle virtually any emergency. As with basic hardware and software installations, we would offload daily maintenance to the system administrator at the appropriate time.

Third Party Interface
Many businesses run proprietary software that requires a skilled technician capable of interfacing the product into their network and operating system. For example, accounting, trade specific, EDI, shipping, manufacturing, remote services and mainframe connection software are usually customized for your business. We can be relied on to professionally interface with your software vendor, complete all installation tasks, test the systems, and train your administrator to run the operation.