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Office Workflow
The way a business runs its office could mean the difference in whether there is a profit or loss on a given order. We believe that a business should make a profit on every order, and so do you. However, in many cases, this is not true. Random Seven’s approach is to investigate your existing office workflow, and make the necessary changes by deploying new technology or suggesting a more efficient process.

Increasing productivity and reducing costs are two key concepts that must be continually reviewed and implemented in order to achieve and maintain competitive superiority in your trade. Unfortunately, in reaching these goals, many companies sacrifice product and service quality, as well as employee morale. Our experience in this area is simply unmatched.

Paper Reduction
In the late 1970’s, when personal computers first became affordable for business, experts predicted that paper usage would decline. Well, paper usage increased dramatically. Fortunately, usage has since leveled off, and recently has begun to decline, although very slowly. We do not have to guess about how to reduce your paper usage, since Random Seven prints out virtually no paper on a yearly basis. We can show you what technology, if any, is required for you to have in order to achieve similar results.

What We Do
First, Random Seven makes a detailed analysis of your operation. Next, with the owner’s and other key persons' support, we then outline a step-by-step procedure that contains proven techniques which will allow you to achieve the agreed upon objectives. We then deploy and monitor the custom solution.