Artist's Services

Random Seven Business Services For Artists are designed for the creative professionals who require first class advice and assistance on running their operation. Today’s busy artists often do not have time to take business courses or learn specific business applications such as accounting, office automation, management and so forth.

In the music industry, there are thousands of well-known artists who have lost millions of dollars because they neglected to acquire the necessary skills required to make competent business decisions. Our Business Services For Artists gives you access to Random Seven’s rich professional experience without the corporate doubletalk. These services are distilled down to basics and dispensed in easy to understand packages. Additionally and upon your request, we can transition you to our corporate approach at any point. Click on the links to the left for more corporate information.

Creative specialists such as Web Designers, Graphic Artists, Illustrators, Programmers and Photographers can also benefit from our Business Services For Artists. We can provide tools to streamline your business and create original content that can cross-pollinate your specialty with other artists.