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About Us

Our Mission
To convert knowledge and technology into results.

Our Profile
Random Seven is a professional consulting and technology deployment company specializing in small business as well as small, local and independent offices of any size company. Our specialty is advising business owners and key staff on the current technology which will give you that competitive edge. Our goal is to maximize your profitability, productivity, product quality and service. We empower busy entrepreneurs by explaining today’s technology, detailing how it can be applied in an efficient manner in your organization. In addition, by supplying professional tools that complement this knowledge, a streamlined and highly reliable environment is created, thus allowing our customers to run a strong operation that can compete with any business, whether it is small, large, local or global.

R7 is Random Seven’s media division that specializes in the professional digital audio recording studio. With decades of experience in this field, we seamlessly convey our knowledge to studio owners, engineers, artists and producers. We supply the advice and tools to develop and run a world class studio for fully capitalized owners that are committed to achieving impressive results. R7’s effectiveness is enhanced by its ability to draw expertise and other resources from Random Seven. Together, this formidable powerhouse is able to handle projects of any size.